Our News has become the mouthpiece of one ideology, one that is un-American contrary to the interests of the US and therefore treasonable.

It is for this reason we must show the News for who they really are and stop them from destroying America.

We've seen in the last Six Years how corrosive our News is. Dividing us by Race, Color and Creed.

We no longer have real News, What we have is shock and awe designed to divide America by creating havoc throughout the country so they have News to cover and Advertising money to bring in.

Major TV Channels

ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, FOX NEWS. These are the major News Channels throughout America, It's unfortunate that they use the power they have, not to inform us, but to divide us. Over the last six Years, We have worked to place people inside every single News Organization. And very soon, they will begin reporting on what goes on inside these companies.


There are very few Newspapers. Any where in the world, That have the influence inside Government. Unfortunately, Our Government is now controlled by a few of these papers. They pay Government employees to give them information that at times endangers America. They also use race as a weapon, against anyone who challenges them. Our 'Spies' are going to bring you inside these papers, so you can see who you are reading and understand how hateful they are.

Third Party News

Some Writers and News Channels are small and sometimes not accepted. And some cases these are the best source of real News. But are beaten down by what Donald Trump named fake News. We will show you who they are, and the stories they tell. So you can understand, what real News is.

Blog and private news

These are some of the biggest Organizations out there. From Bloomberg News, The Huffington Post, Politico, The Atlantic, Daily Beast and Many others. Their stories are based upon getting clicks and Viewership, so they can bring in Advertising money, Instead of reporting the truth. Many times they just make things up to increase their Revenues. We've had people sit inside these meetings for over Six Years, and They are going to tell the story on how these organizations create what is called Shock and Awe News.

Social Media

FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Truth Social, and a few others. They control 80% of what people Think and Feel. By suppressing certain types of Posts, and Inflating others. Removing people who don't agree with them and promoting People and Groups who support the hate that drives their Advertising Revenue.
Social Media is News, That is protected under Section 230. Which allows them not to be responsible published on their sites. It Also allows them to remove any content or people they wish without question. Again, for the Past Six Years we've placed people inside these organizations. Some at very high levels. People who will report what really goes on inside these Companies.

Un-American News

All News at this time maybe you can call Un-American. Since most of them seem to hate America. Normally you would call this a Hate Crime. Today it's called News. We have to remain in stealth mode, to report on what is really going on. We've all seen what happened to groups like Wikileaks, and Project Veritas. It is for this reason, you may never know who we really are.

AppSame SPAC is a SuperPac, but not your normal kind. Yes we raise Money, but not to support Anyone, but to support Everyone, with the TRUTH.